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Saturday, September 25, 2010



On second thought, I guess this means my pitch sucks.


Re: the right reasons to start a startup. What if I can get laid easily, but I really do want to solve a problem?

Here's my pickle: I've seriously pitched two angels on an idea who pitched me for uh, something else shortly thereafter. I'm not faulting men for simply being heterosexual, but it can make the process of 1) getting advisors and 2) getting funding a little complicated.

Should I just wear a potato sack? Do I have to dress like a coder in a Threadless tee and hipster jeans? That's not fair. I'm heterosexual too, ffs.

I don't know when to trust if angels see me as the founder of a startup that can make millions for them or the prize they get for being successful. I don't hate men for being hetero and I'm not saying all of these men are just hitting me up for sex. It's just sticky and sometimes I wish I were married so that at least it was less complicated.

BTW, I met you outside the Google party and mentioned that I know Josh Baer. The angel investor who introduced me to you hit me up for a one night stand about 15 minutes after you left. So I'm not pulling this out of my ass. This actually happens.

My idea can make a lot of money, but at this point, it's just an idea and is worth nothing. I need the right team and the right advisors. I am fully aware of this.

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