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Thursday, February 04, 2010


Jason B.

In general Kathy Sierra is right. It's mainly about emotion.

I think really great products or services that you can come back to again and again either....

  • * get you laid (okcupid, facebook)
  • * make you laugh (DirtyPhoneBook)
  • * make you cry (great blogs, great movies)
  • * shock you (4chan somethingawful)
  • * save you cash (amazon, netflix)
  • * make your life easier (iTunes)
  • * make you mad (howard stern, DirtyPhoneBook)

PS: I'd never drive 2 hours for a burrito. I might drive 2 hours to never have to eat a burrito again Jonathan. :)

Jonathan Chauncey

I call it the Chipotle effect... I have driven over 2 hours for a chipotle burrito and would do it again. We live in a world where people are bombarded with product placement and advertisements. The only way to survive is to create a product that people would kill for (or in my case drive 250 miles round trip).



James Taylor

Dave- your point is well taken. Why create something that is average. Create something that people will either Love or Hate. Dare to be different. Be true to yourself.

Create something that gets attention...In my opinion thats what you did with your talk here...make it memorable!

And it really is :)

thanks for the ongoing motivation,


Mark, stop being such a pussy. This isn't grade school, it's serious business. We're not talking about mild things, so why the fuck would we use mild language to describe it? Dave's point is exactly that nice just won't do. If you don't care enough to curse, you don't care enough to survive.


That was like Tony Robbins meets Andrew Dice Clay Meets Cathy Sierra. Only you could have pulled that off Dave. LOLz. Kudos.


Dave, Thanks for your teaching and evangelism. However, your use of profanity does not accord well with your positioning of yourself as an educator / leader. It is incredibly offensive to some people and diminishes you as an effective role model. Use of profanity is unnecessary to make your points and connect with others. Please be a better role model and ambassador of your various present and former constituencies (including your alma mater) by cleaning up your language.

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