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Saturday, February 06, 2010



You can really move! Didn't know geeks could rock the house like that. --Juliet


Oh Man! You're never gonna be stiff enuff for Sandhill Country Club.


Hullo. Love the blog, it's abslutely fantastic. I have one request: Would it be possible to start putting your posts into your RSS feed? At the moment your feed is nothing but a link to your site... a bit pointless!

Thanks a lot, please keep posting your insights!

Daniel Romano

Dave I really liked your moves!! they even made me dance on my chair (the shoulder's thing)

Keep it rocking, and showing others which are the skills that a successful entrepreneur must have.

Never feel ashamed, if you can dance in front of a big crowd, when no one is, you can do anything... or at least try (which is the beginning of all the things)

Nima Badiey

Hi Dave

First off... love the blog. Timely, relevant, pragmatic and easy to digest. This is better than paying 100k for a Stanford MBA. Please keep blogging!

Second... I'm a heavy TypePad blogger (and Six Apart employee) so I practically live on TypePad - however, I noticed that your blog doesn't link to your TypePad profile anywhere, so folks on the TypePad network can't follow you and get your updates automatically on their dashboard. It would be great if you could link it prominently on the front page of your blog. For reference, here it is:


This. Is. Awesome.


Dave, your AARRR danse rocks! :) Very impressed. All the best and keep beeing like that...


Hahaha Looks like you don't need any dance lessons...

Dave Schappell

I truly wish I could dance like that... fantastic, Mr. McClure!


hahaha! Dave can move it move it!

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