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Tuesday, October 06, 2009



And so, how is it doing...?

Doug Kessler

Nice one. Looks worth a few experiments.

Cynthia Young

SlideShare Business does look very cool! I wonder how users will start to adopt this new tool, how it will get integrated into mainstream culture, and where we’ll see Rashmi’s name appearing next? Perhaps Forbes, Wired, or Pink magazine? I’ll be saying congrats all the way!

Chris @ Nozio

Looks like a really impressive product, I love the idea that your content can go viral (and not be charged for it; No need for a quality score ;-)

John W

Love it and want to try it!




Steve Poland

Looks hot, Dave. Although not enough passion in the pitch -- til you drop an f-bomb, I don't really know if you believe what you're saying. I'd prefer to have heard: "SlideShare has just released the most FUCKING significant business-focused advertising and fucking marketing technology innovation since Google fuckinmg launched keyword-based text advertising in fucking 2001."

;) cheers

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