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Monday, July 27, 2009


The Dude

Oh no, blue helmet!
Surely it should be gold???


yup - and that dude is serious - look at his eyes.

Jonathan Siddharth

Sorry for the misplaced comment. That was for 'Your solution is not my problem'

Jonathan Siddharth

Great post Dave. On a somewhat related note, in a longer pitch its always very tempting to describe a product in terms of features rather than use cases.

describing via features: Our product has feature X that lets you do Y.

describing via use cases: Hey, we all like doing Y but haven't been able to do it properly so far. So we have feature X.

As engineers there is always the bias towards talking about what we've built or the solution rather than the motivating need.

Patrick Moran

Holy crap. That is hot like melted butter.

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