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Friday, June 05, 2009


David Sachs

Wait, *you're* Dave McClure? Who have I been sending email to all this time?



I think you're hitting your stride in your new role!

Welcome butterfly, you're fucking beautiful!

Twilio CEO


Don't mean to rain on such a grateful post, but your link that goes to Startup2Startup is broken. It's missing a "2".

It's always nice to hear Valley folk take a break, reflect and see how other folks and interconnectedness has influenced their life =)

I know I've benefited from more than one of these programs. So thanks for leaving Simply Hired and Paypal =)

Dan Martell

Even though you're an "ADD, easily-distracted, crazy sonuvabitch" it's been a blast working with you :-)

Everyone will probably agree that you give back way more than you ever ask for ... you always add value and you're an amazing connector.

Thanks for being you!

Matt (CEO, 1000 Markets)

Go Dave!.

For those who don't know Dave, I offer this.

Dave and I only first met last year when I was fundraising for 1000 Markets. Of course, I had heard of dave, but it wasn't until we were simultaneously introduced by 3 great common friends (Jerry Michalski, Miko Matsumura, and Dave Schappell) that we talked for the first time. Dave is wicked smart and probably one of the straightest shooters I have ever met. He will not kiss your ass. He will not lie to you. If he likes you, he will tell you. If he says he will write you a check, he will write you a check. If he thinks your business model sucks, it probably does. He will also readily admit that while he has lots of opinons, many of them might be wrong.

He has rigor and humility. If you ever wonder why he has such a strong following, this is the reason.

Plus, he is a lot of fun.


You're the best, Dave -- it's been wonderful getting to know you -- it's always interesting and fun!

Hiten Shah

The ball is rolling, it aint stopping. It has been a real pleasure being part of the DMC fan club ;)

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