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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Giancarlo Gonzalez

Check out what Joel Burslem ( had to say about mint:

Mint’s secret sauce is that it pipes in all of your accounts automatically (and securely) into your dashboard so that they are instantly updated with any new activity. It’s a fantastic tool that’s made even better with their iPhone application (iTunes link) which lets you take all of that information with you.

The latest update of the site now allows you to add your homes, including vacation and investment properties, to your account (click under Your Accounts > Real Estate). Punch in your address and a dollar figure appears. The home values are provided through a relationship with Cyberhomes.

It’s a slick integration, but the danger I see here is that there are no disclaimers on how the results are generated.

That is just great.. I love

What else is next? :)

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