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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Kelly Tirman

LOL. I love it. Keep Pimpin'

Curtis Drafton

LMAO! Hella funny but true. Honestly the games all messed up to where the Ho's are doin more pimpin than the pimps!

Well...slap a Ho too many times, she might start likin it! LOL!

Seriously. Get at me tho... lookin for a angel in our biz [we're already up and running nationally]. Not to disappoint...TRUST! <-- gotta leave the non-comp address on your blog... security reasons, feel me?


you are last world freak dave..really i love if man...

Marissa Louie

@tedr the PIMPs have to go to the right brothels to get the right HOs

(fish where the fish are)

And ideally we want the JOHNs to be paying visitors who convert into PIMPs who love your product like a kid likes crack err cake.

Ted Rheingold

Serious question:

What PIMP can work without HOs? Building a service made for pimpin' before the merchandise (aka the HOs) even show up is like hiring a sales and marketing team before there is even a product, right?

So putting HOs last in your priority means you could get the first two right (i.e. attract PIMPs and JOHNs) but still fail because their aint no HOs...


good analogy, but what's the point?...

add more of those lollipop "share" links?

too much of that makes you look like a desperate ho.


great stuff Dave!


you're freaking crazy Dave. love it.

Chris Yeh

To quote the immortal KRS-1: Capitalism is a pimp and ho economy. You're either a pimp or a ho.

Keep pimpin' Dave!


DMC, craziest blog post ever. Too $hort:

Life is to some people unbearable
Committin suicide and thats terrible
Was it much too much or nothing big?
If ya live my life, youd be fightin to live
Life is to me my main asset
I be doin all right and keep it just like that
Chill out at the house and pump that bass
Im tryin to get rich as I rock the place
Everybodys got that same old dream
To have big money and fancy things
Drive a brand new benz, keep your banck right here
Never hear me stutter once because I talk real clear
Its on you, homeboy, watcha gonna do?
You can take my advice and start workin, fool
Or you can close your ears and run your mouth
And one day, homeboy, ya soon find out

Life is too short
Too short
Life is too short

Eric N.

Too Short - Baller

There's gotta be somethin you can do wit'cha life
Sell things that a whole bunch of people will buy

You don't see dealers pushin' tofu. They're pushing shit people like.

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