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Tuesday, November 25, 2008



@tom: agreed, altho i wasn't focusing so much on new hires / recruiters... that was being reported by others.

i think it's more interesting for watching moves / profile changes in general... and for more folks than just recruiters.

Tom Blue

Or maybe there wasn't a lede to begin with. I think everyone is overestimating the value of these new features. These aren't alerts of new hires. They are just alerts of people who just joined the network. That is a huge distinction in the eyes of recruiters. They might see benefit in knowing an additional person at a specific company, but this is not the same as in being alerted when someone was just hired or fired/resigned at a company. Alerts like these are a huge benefit to 3rd party recruiting firms for a number of reasons and there have been services that provide these alerts since the 1.0 days.


Hey, you can also get your alerts through Notifixious and we support Text Messages, emails and most of the IM! + we've got a nice API that developer can use to create 3rd party channels/applications to be notified anywhere you want!

I am using it for my LinkedIn Network updates and it's working like a charm ;-)

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