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Friday, October 17, 2008


Jeff Widman

Slide 5-8 was a neat idea of word-art that incorporated meaning, not just prettyness.


Slide 37 is seriously the most f**ked thing I've seen in years. I mean I just threw up a little in my mouth. That kind of sick.

Jackson Gates


Do you mean you think the WebVan design is horrible or you think slide 21 is horrible?

I think Cortwright is trying to give an example of a well designed web application that doesn't address the right problem. WebVan might not be the best example because the vision seems to have played out (e.g., and I think Louis Borders would tell you that his vision was spot on and it was the rapid expansion and subsequent destruction of the capital markets.

Nevertheless, I think Cortright's point is very valid and the Segway is a great example. Define the problem and then design the product. Segway's are dope but they don't really solve any of my problems. That said, if I did get one, I'd make sure it had spinners.


ill go for slide 21 for horrible.

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