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Wednesday, September 10, 2008



And here comes the soundclip for the Patent:

Albert Lai

Hey Dave,
I literally LMAF watching the Q&A.

That said, after revewing the videos again I realized it couldn't have been anything close to being real.

There were a number of examples that were in doors, and the level of accuracy in which they were able to pin point items without image recongition, (which I belelive was stated as one of the things they WERE NOT using) was pretty much impossible.

Regardless though, it was a pretty damn entertaining demo and I still get a chuckle thinking about the words "Join us!!!"

Pete Mauro

Very Howard Rheigold. I love it.

Ken Berger

Calacanis rebuffed criticism with, "O'Reilly, stop w/ the practical stuff!"


Very cool... like the first clumsy steps toward something from a SF book: the "augmented reality" in Vernor Vinge's "Rainbows Edge", or the "locative art" in William Gibson's "Spook Country".

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