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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Jeff Widman

Thanks Dave--that Derek Redmond clip brought tears to my eyes...

As a freshman in highschool XC, I went from 1st on varsity to last after pulling my hamstring on the final turn of my third race... didn't realize the emotional memories were still with me...


Guess we all need to suck it up and just keep on chugging. Love your expo on startup metrics (even though it is quite dated)... AARRR.


A good post, but Dave, let us not forget the wisdom of Sean Connery in "The Rock":

"Losers always whine about their best. Winners go home and **** the prom queen."

But seriously, I think the bigger point here is that persistence is a major part of winning. Unlike the short time of a specific sporting event, your career goes on and on, so if you keep playing the game you have a chance to win (whatever winning means :).


thank you for this post. after more than 10 years of slogging with my business/startup with some moderate success, it's good to be reminded to hang in there for the final lap. maybe we're not going to finish strong, but we're going to continue giving it our best shot, by gosh, until we decide that we've reached the finish line.

btw: i like your fonts, too.

Adam Metz

I ONLY read 500hats for the fonts, actually. In fact, I've never understood any of the posts. I just like the pretty colors.

Chris Yeh

Amen, Dave. I like to tell folks that 80% of any success I've had is the result of having the gumption to show up and the persistence to finish what I started.

Dale Beermann

I've been re-reading Diary of a Failed Startup ( recently for some similar reasons. I love the quote in there "It's a marathon, but it's a marathon made of sprints." I have to keep telling myself it's alright that I'm not working all the time. Marathon runners don't sprint the whole way either :)

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