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Sunday, August 03, 2008


Damon Billian

As much as I love techmeme, I wouldn't want the information I digest to be only about tech (or sports!) for that matter. I tend to focus on World New a fair amount...notably because I am overseas at the moment.

P.S. Sorry I couldn't make the bday bash. Overseas, ya know:)

Jeff Moore

TV is worse. If you watch an hour of CNN with a Tivo and fast forward over the gossip and fluff, its amazing how little is left.

David Beach

Most of it boils down to fear. Fear sells the news. What is people's biggest fear? Death. "It could happen to you!" type crap is a staple of news reporting. So death, murder, crime, kidnapping, and bad weather all play into the base emotion of fear. There are also shark attacks, pandemics, and paris hilton... all scary shit.

Jose Arocha

Why? Is that the information we are looking for? is that the information that entertains us? Are we not CNN targets? is it that life does not drive as many pageviews? Death is instant vs life a process... then life will never be a headline? anybody?

Anyways. Tired to see the expressions of the plateau of either our current, least imperfect models for news corps or our culture, or both.

Deadly curious.

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