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Saturday, July 05, 2008



kottke's just one guy, even if he is a proto-uber-blogger. He blogs on an open content platform called "teh internet" that you may have heard of. How does that make his decision to exclude comments from some post anything at all comparable to a closed-off non-indexed inaccessible, um, garden?


Maybe he just wants more friends.

It's kinda cute, really.


So if someone writes a smackdown and no one can read it, did anyone actually get smacked?

Joe Grossberg

I think you lost this particular debate, but ... there is no such thing as bad publicity. Take advantage of your "fifteen minutes of fame" and parlay it into something.

Too Ironic

I hereby nominate this entry for "Epic Fail of the Week".

Jon Bell

"Kottke's blog doesn't appear to accept comments"

Some posts do, because the posts warrant discussion. Others don't. But everyone can see his content, regardless of how he moderates comments.

I like Facebook fine, but I wouldn't start a fight between Facebook and a blog over who is more open and accessible.

Paul M. Watson

Ah, the irony, lovely stuff. Could Yishan please post his rebuttal outside of Facebook so the rest of us can read it? I'm sure he has some valid points or at least hints as to what is coming down the F8 tube.

Class-kicking lame-taking

lol, kottke ftw, and other nerdy tech talk that drives the point that this was lame.

Lachlan Hardy

Obviously, Yishan, Facebook's "Everyone" is not *everyone*. Can I point out that in addition to your permissions being totally borked (according to the other commenters), it's completely inaccessible to those of us who don't *have* Facebook accounts.

(posted just in case the full scale of your monumental failure to lay down any smack wasn't yet apparent).

Of course, I could contact Yishan about this directly if only he had an open contact page on the web that had been updated sometime since 2000.

Gen Kanai




so maybe someone can post this infamous note where the rest of us could read it?

Gen Kanai

Can't see it from where I sit (Tokyo), and I'm even friends with Dave on FB...


I suspect that "Everyone" might just mean "Everyone in Silicon Valley" and not just on Facebook. Let me check with the Notes guys...


Dave, I will never forgive you for using that ridiculous picture of me with the parrots with this post.

Anyway, I set the note to be visible to "Everyone" but we have neglected our Notes application for long enough (you know, to possibly be working on all those products you speculate we may or may not be working on) that apparently it's not exposing that note to the world. Oh well - something to fix after F8.

Ken Sheppardson

Hey Dave, your "'Walled Garden' rebuttal smackdown" link seems to take me to the Facebook sign in page. I happen to have an account, so I can sign in... but then I get "Sorry, you do not have permission to see this note." I don't have a horse in this race, but some folks might see that as a little ironic.

allen stern

Sorry, you do not have permission to see this note.

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