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Friday, June 13, 2008


Doug Vanisky

Wow. Thanks for sharing this deck. Very interesting. Barenblat obviously has incredible insight into how to really engage users on their own turf in a fun, non interrupting way.


great, more crap to clog my inbox, eat up bandwidth ....

did you ever think how much we need places to go where we are free of advertising and marketing messages, which are all about the shouter and offer nothing to the (forced) listener except nothing?

a pox upon him


thanks dave, very kind :)


yeah... people around many part of the world are interlinked through internet... so its a global market place, where we can market anything... but the marketing technique should be good and not like a spam... so viral marketing looks fine and the marketing peoples get more of outcome from it... thats why it make a lot money...
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