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Thursday, May 08, 2008



Thanks for agreeing to be our guinea pig for press release 2.0 :-> Its just the sort of crazy idea we come up, that you are up for.

And cool that you mentioned Dana Street. So many connections that are important to SlideShare began there. I am so glad I recognized you from SlideShare when I saw you there. I still haven't found a cafe I like as much in the city.

Andrew Laffoon


Congrats to the Slideshare team on the financing, and kudos to you for being a part! I've been loving Slideshare myself lately, and your Startup Metrics for Pirates (AARRR) was the first presentation I ever saw on Slideshare. Of course, at this point everyone at Mixbook has read through that one several times. :)

Oh, and the presentation that Slideshare used to "announce" the funding is Hilarious!




We had great fun doing this preso! :) Your expressions are uber cool! (especially Slide 19)

Team SlideShare loves you!

Amit Ranjan


You have really been an inspiration to us. Associating with you has already given us so many new ways at looking at the webapp and the community around it.

I'd hope you could come down to India some time in the near future. The team here could pick up invaluable tips from your experience.

And thanks for agreeing for the 'meet dave' slide deck. This was Rashmi's idea and we wanted to have sombody who really embodied the spirit behind the use case for slideshare. Frankly we could think of nobody better. We were hoping you'd not turn down the idea.


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