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Friday, May 02, 2008


Michael Leis

Dave keep fighting the good fight! Kara's a hater, and she'll never catch you riding dirty. You or Chamillionaire.

Did she notice the $15 million in virtual gifts on FB in 2007? Or Apple beating wal-mart music sales with a desktop app, an api, and widgets? These are the wallets of tomorrow's brand equity.

Reminds me of something Shiv Singh said - basically that SM is the means, not the end. It's the platform, not the Website.

Kara doesn't get either of these concepts in her trend/fad argument construction. Oh well, still gotta hug the haters!

Edward Vielmetti

If there's so much moneys in that social graph, why doesn't Yahoo have all the money, since they have so much email to data-mine?

Adrian Bye

Can you elaborate a little more on what this means: "social graph data-mined from those users & apps & widgets"?

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