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Tuesday, April 22, 2008


bojan babic

There is key point missed in your presentation, which is btw lightweight but great.
Instead of email spamming methods under Referral R. User should think about adding real value to its users. Even, though emailing works it should be left behind. Should we all use botnets? Hell, no.
Be free to comment blog post.

Mark Essel

Great set of slides. Wish I saw this before I started writing (business philosophy), much of the information is spot on/relevant to a wide variety of business types (writing included). Just put together my first free book, if it's good enough some folks may even read it.

Vanessa Fox

And here's the presentation I did for the session (slideshare is awesome!)

And the checklists I mentioned in the session (as well as a link to the slides I did in the earlier session) are here:

Was great fun doing the session with you Dave!

Lorenz Lammens

I'm always amazed that start-up manuals address online marketing so loosely. 'Get a website'. They skim over how to market a website. Build it with SEO in mind right from the start; you'll be reaping the benefits in terms of free traffic in a year’s time. Create gripping content, blog, build in interactivity, create a newsletter, create clear goals and subsequent compelling call to actions. And track everything so you can learn from the data.

How many businesses would save a ton of money if they marketed their site better?

Benjamin Joffe

More insightful every time! All the more as we are about to enter the closed beta for a new project. Thanks for sharing!

Chris Yeh

Nice presentation. Wish I could make it up to the Expo, but I'm waaaaay busy and 800 emails behind.

Gen Kanai

Great, great stuff Dave!


awesome workshop. helped me structure all my thinking.

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