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Thursday, April 17, 2008


Joshua Greenough

CPA is a much easier model to trust. It really speaks to the quality of traffic rather than having to account for bommerang people and fraud in CPC. I expect that merchants shift to focus on CPM as much as they can going forward.

We measure everything at and try to get the CPM up so we can send better traffic. Good times going forward for social and user content and people who know to test / measure everything will do much better at giving customers what they want in a sea of information.


Hey Dave, just one question: Do you really think that Branding is not a important piece of the game?

I mean, I´m an analytics guy and I love "direct marketing" (because that´s what ppc, ppa is) but I can tell you, my mother still wants an iPod cause the branding...

But I´m really looking to hear your toughs on this.


Insightful analysis. I imagine it's only a matter of time before the ecommerce companies offer more robust web analytics and testing. I wonder if you could see any of them just repurposing Google's stuff through mash ups or even formal integration?


Totally agree, it's all about conversion optimization and CPA. Everything else is just noise.

Josh Carr Superstar

Love it - i am giving a presentation next month on "measuring what matters" This is great I think I will pull it up.

I am so tired of people looking at Alexa Rankings or page views. Who cares if you have a billion people coming to the site if they aren't the right people. Those things only matter if you make money on page views not if you make money by selling widgets


Thanks dude, more on the ball info, you totally rock!

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