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Monday, March 31, 2008



now then , that was a sexy girl in logans run. damn wish i could remember her name?


The social media space is an interesting one, but its one that is definitely still in its infancy. If web 2.0 was based around the ide of user-generated content, then web 3.0 would be automated content delivery within a networked world?

Interesting stuff to say the least and interesting concepts to kick around. SEO is likely going to change someday. I mean it has to right? How long can the link based model stay in existence?

Jebs House

I'm not sure what the hold-up is... maybe they have re-thought their stance on how this is going to actually make the company any money. Or perhaps their lawyers pointed out the liability of providing agents a platform to stick their feet in their mouth. Whatever it is, it's hardly something I'd claim as being "Well done".


Dave, thanks for quoting our presentation on Asian SNS - which lead us to find your blog! How are we going to deal with your archives of great posts ^_^? Feel free to contact me if you need info on JP/KR/CN. Cheers~ BJ

Damon Billian

damn, talk about a long blog post. I guess Dave never was taught that simplicity was the key to life;-)

Yahoo, despite their obvious problems, has done a lot of things right in the "social media" space that MSN and Google haven't. and flickr are impressive properties on their own, so I think that some of the grab might be directed towards these properties as well. My personal opinion, one that may suck, is that Yahoo is doing way better than either google or Microsoft in this arena...

The key problem with Google or Microsoft, IMHO, is that they place way too much emphasis on brain power & not on what the average internet consumer wants. Yahoo largely serves this better than those orgs...

Henry Story

Interesting article. Social Networks need to merge as I write in

but not by acquisition, even if that is the only tool financiers such as Microsoft can think of to reach their goal. These guys could be in for a surprise when they start discovering the emergence of open distributed social networks.

dave mcclure

@stanley: even microsoft prob can't swallow both Yahoo & eBay at the same time... but give them another year or three, and they could probably do it. the PayPal assets are high value, but on the other hand Amazon's overall infrastructure & delivery are also quite interesting. anyway, either would be a good acquisition for the borg... once they digest Yahoo.

@jamesG: shit, sorry about that ;)

@bernard: apologies, didn't really mean to sound that dystopian / pessimistic. like i said, i think there's huge benefits for both users & developers to utilize the "always-logged-in" infrastructure all over the web, and on smaller sites as well. not nearly as Master-Slave as perhaps you perceived i was saying.

then again, i'm just reading the tea leaves as i see them. whether or not the MSFT and/or GOOG empires enslave / control users or whether they play benevolent dictators, my "perspective" is not going to change reality. fact is, the cable networks & publishing empires control a good bit of what you watch on tv & read in the press, so they're every bit as powerful as well.

whether or not i paint a warm fuzzy pictures of who controls the horizontal & vertical doesn't make it any less a reality.

it might be great if OpenID wins out, but count me as skeptical on that one. they'll only make it work if a) the UI gets a helluva lot better, and b) if the Big Boys play ball and support the standard. which doesn't really change the fact that they make the standard.

c'est la vie. deal with it, or build a better mousetrap (that can acquire several hundred million logins).

- dmc

bernard lunn

Its an entertaining rant - as always - but it paints a picture of a bunch of masters in the universe in Silicon Valley (and Redmond) telling all of us what to do and we all meekly do it. Targeting, contact lists, it all sounds a tad depressing for human beings and as the Internet does invert the power structure you may find that this post is the last gasp of Web 2.0. By the time somebody comes up with a new name that resonates (like O'Reilly did with Web 2.0) I am sure people won't want it to be associated with Web 2.0 so it won't be called Web 3.0.

Sir James Godwin

"web 3.0" is already here.. you are a perfect example. It will be apparent when more and more of us start living our lives through social networks/platforms/whatever clever name you want to give digital connecitons.

Example: every business accepts online payments via a social platform ~1 year from now. What then?

I like your style, Dave. Theres just one thing, Dude.. D'ya have to use so many cusswords?

Stanley Wong

Why not merge Yahoo! and eBay together and you'll get all the requirements you talk about in one fell swoop.

Yahoo! Assets:
+ Ad Infrastructure
+ Search
+ Content
+ User Registrations
+ Friends Lists + Address books

eBay Assets:
+ eCommerce
+ PayPal
+ Friends Lists via Skype

Dragos S.

Dynamic meta-data ?
Evolvable connectivity between information sources ?

peter caputa

that might just be the best most funniest blog post i ever read. it's smaht, though, too.


That's some quality Web 3.0 babbling. Thanks for the post :)

Ted Rheingold

GREAT POST. Way to keep it real.

Ya know, it just might be that by the time this comes around the "Web" moniker will not be descriptive enough. With thousands of network connected devices hitting the market in the coming 2-4 years and APIs, phone apps and TV devices taking the data out of the browser, this may be the last era of dominance for the World Wide Web.

We may have to call this Internet38.0 (I saw 38 because Jonathon Schwartz was asked what web thought of Web2.0 in 2005 and he said we may as well be calling it Internet37, as in the 37th generation of server-client development since DARPAnet. He picked 37 at random, but I'm sure in 20 years the "web" will be just another historical phase along with dumb terminals and bulletin boards)


this link is a better one:



As usual brilliant. I loved the group buying concept tied to the social graph.

Check out me little patent from back in day ;)

Ian Kennedy

It's all about the bluetooth headsets. If you think all they do is connect to your cellphone, you're sorely mistaken. They not only listen in on your conversations and record your GPS coordinates, they also can read your brainwaves!

Keep it coming Dave, you're on a roll!

Josh Fraser

This is the holy grail for the web and what's crazy is that you're right -- it's totally feasible that we could have something like this within the next couple of years. Great post! Looking forward to reading more today as we get you to the top of techmeme.

R Aziz G

Good post Dave. Very similar themes to my old business model, and these of my blog entries (we're on the same level):
and a friend's blog:

A lot of people are discussing these topics lately. Loot at' blog and founder, Lee Lorenzen's argument for a $100B Facebook Valuation...

Regarding Web 3.0, I've heard it talked about in two ways:

1) A "genius" older mathmetician and geek from Russia, who's company was bought by Microsoft, confided in me something he should not be saying he said about Mictospft's Web 3.0 plan: Very technical explanation, but I believe the gist is a "ghost". Sound weird? I thought so too. Apparently they feel that information and program files will not exist on any of our devices, they will merely be ghost reflections of files, processes, applications, etc, that are running inside Microsoft. Kinda creepy.

2) The second explanation is "AI" and what I always felt the next natural progression from web 2.0 "cloud" effects would be, and Google founder, Sergey Brin, confirmed my hypothesis the first time I heard him say it (I'm certain he thought of it long before me, but it is logical for anyone to come to this conclusion themselves. He's been preaching about AI for a long time.) So, if you're always buying the same crap at the same rates and times, going to the same places, seeing the same people, and having rational preferences, why wouldn't a commerce platform start correctly guessing my next purchases exactly at the right time, and being so good that I authorize the company to make decisions for me?

I'm not saying any of what I just wrote is the exact definition of what web 3.0 is , or is not. I'm saying that I don't think anybody knows exactly, but Sergey knows best of all.

Nick O'Neill

Great post Dave ... I'm going to post a follow-up. I think DiSo is a great start for this but then again it is yet another standard. The social web is one big CF

Eric N.

Great write up. I think every CS major has thought up / dreamt about a Web 3.0-semantically enabled world.

Thank you for touching on this topic and reminding me that there's still so much more to come.


Elliott Ng

Dis is crazy talk! Actually, it all makes sense..ubiquitous social network everywhere you go. Got a better vision into how semantic web plays into it though. Chat with you about it after April Fools. :)

Twitter: @elliottng

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