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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Charles Adler

Dave, agreed. I was actually a bit shocked that Arrington bothered to write an opinion piece that was merely based on reading everyone else's blog. Sure, he's entitled to his opinion (we all are, right?) but what's the point of conjecture on a topic like this?

pointless I'd say, and disappointing.


You're still just sensationalising Mac. It was a bad interview dude, but nowhere near as bad as you're straining to make it out to be.

Your point - with or without the psychedelic colors, with or without the sensationalist lingo, with or without the cursing - is ridiculous and Mr Arrington is still more famous than you.


Martin Wells

Wouldn't you get sick of being mobbed?

Jeremiah Owyang


I'd love for you to come out again too, I'd like to talk with you about where you see the overall industry is heading.

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