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Thursday, February 07, 2008


sumit gupta

Just a couple of days back, my good friend Sudha pointed out how I was endorsing a product I never used.. clearly illustrating the fallacy of social ads in her blog post (

The era of "on your face" marketing was replaced by "permission marketing" for a good reason. And that was to avoid the repulsion the "on your face" marketing provoked. Users got tired of it, they learnt how to avoid it and never believed a word of it.

Now Facebook is trying "implicit permission" marketing, trying to provoke a response from my friends by showing my endorsement of a product I never even tried. If this continues the way it is, this will kill "permission marketing" because users will learn to avoid it and would not believe the ad.

I dont like the way this is implemented today. No wonder beacon experienced such a backlash. I am now sure Social Ads will not work the way it is. It will evolve or it will die a painful death.

Good to see you are in agreement..

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