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Thursday, January 17, 2008



how do you set it up so you can have the feeds work. i often have my browser open with facebook and simultaneously with kiva, but after i loan there is no update. how do i make this happen?

Mystic Liquid

Great article. I did not know that was offered in Facebook. I will have to install that. I think Kiva is a great site.

Premal Shah

Thanks for the site feedback Dave. We were unsure if Beacon was appropriate for Kiva given the privacy concerns, but the user feedback so far -- as we have made it clearly opt-in -- has been positive. I really wish Beacon let you track the # of feeds its generated, but I don't think it does...

If I find this info, will try to publish the stats re: % of Kiva users who actually opt into having this info shared on Facebook.

Andrew Laffoon

This is a GREAT usage of Beacon. I actually tried Kiva for the first time today, and now you can see who I supported in my mini-feed! It is a really great way to promote the product, and it is the first time I actually appreciate beacon putting content in my mini-feed. Great find, Dave!

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