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Wednesday, January 16, 2008



I concur, Mr. Ambassador. We've had similar discussions in our neck of the woods -- the thing I like about McCain is that he's seems to be the ONE candidate who has an actual track record of:
a) pursuing positions that have been unpopular with sizable portions of his base, and
b) working across-the-aisle to get things done

The other candidate who you didn't mention is Romney -- he seems like the other anomaly -- one who's accomplished large-scale efforts in the private sector. I'm sure I'll upset the Rudy fans out there with this comment, but I'd probably be most comforable with Mitt or McCain, and feel like as long as one of them, or Hillary/Barack, are elected, that we'll have a substantial improvement over our current absence of disciplined leadership.

Welcome back Stateside, Mr. McClure!

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