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Sunday, December 16, 2007


dave mcclure

annoying... i'm still not sure i figured out the problem. but i did come up with a solution, altho it was challenging.

since i wasn't able to disable / uninstall the extensions one by one to figure it out, i created a new firefox user profile, and re-installed extensions for that profile.

anyway, thatseems to have resolved the issue (and btw, installing Firefox 3.0 beta and then downgrading *didn't* resolve it... so that was a waste of time)

great way to blow 3 hours when i've got other work to do. sigh.

dave mcclure

actually, it appears the problem is i *CAN'T* disable or uninstall one of the add-ons -- specifically, 1PassWd. i'm not sure if this is happening because that item is problematic, or because it just happens to be first in the list.

however, at the moment i can't disable or uninstall ANY of my add-ons... when i exit firefox & then restart, the same add-ons are still there (& the annoying popup problem continues unabated).

i've sent a message to 1passwd.

anyone know how to start firefox in "safe mode", ala windows? i'm kind of a mac n00b, so not sure how to do it in this environment...

Bob Uva

It's most likely a FireFox add-on. You can disable each of the add-ons one by one to identify which one is doing it. I'm not as familiar with Safari but if it has add-ons, then it may be the same one. Keep us posted.

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