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Monday, November 12, 2007


Sean O'Malley

I'm coming back to this post because I used it in a recent blog post. Web email services have been watching this trend for some time and are currently implementing open platforms like F8 to combat the trend. Will it be enough?

Colin Donald

Reminds me of a remark by Six Apart's Mena Trott from two years ago when she was explaining the vision for their planned Vox blogging system.

The target was explicitly to replace e-mail for communication between family members with internal Vox messaging.

Seems like it's come to pass...

Pete Mauro

Good data and not surprising. Kids started moving away from email in favor of IM, SMS and SNM a while ago. I can never reach my nephews and nieces on email - it's for old people.

I would like to see a comparison of IM, SMS, SNM and email usage trends.


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