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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


BJ Fogg

We're reading this article now in my pscyhology of facebook class. Nice work, Dave (as usual)!


Dave, as much as it is a good post, I am still at a loss why Poke exists... as I was wondering today and Googled its meaning, because every time i got a Poke, I did not understand what I am supposed to do? Poke back and what? Did not want to appear impoliteā€¦It was always and even now a dilemma to me in regards to call to action. I would respond to wall posts, comment in messages, but Poke? To me it was always an unclear communication getting into a foreign country and trying to get the rules straight - equivalent to the "how are you?" - without a need to actually share "how I am really doing" ;)

David Kendall

So Dave - I think what you are saying is that on-line interactions share all the subtleties, ambiguities, and variety that face-to-face interactions have.

I bet if I search and replaced the work Poke with "smiled as we passed in the hallway" - this post would still make a lot of sense.

I loved reading it though. Makes me wish I was young enough and hip enough to appreciate 'poke in all its glory'.


I can guarantee you that among the college student demographic, the poke means only one thing... as my one friend put it... "poke is just a friendly Hey there, I'd do you." and that's pretty much it.

Poke wars are usually just a stronger indication that one or both poke-rs need to get rid of some sexual tension and hook up already.

If you want to say something like "what's up", "where have you been", etc... it goes on the wall. Otherwise poke = I'd hook up with you.

It's interesting how one demographic has interpreted poke much differently than another.

Lawrence Sinclair

It honestly never crossed my mind that poke had any sexual connotations. In fact, half the people who have poked me have been men, and I am quite sure none of them were gay (not that there is anything wrong with that). I presume they didn't have any idea about the connotations of their actions either. Now, about the women; maybe I shouldn't have been so annoyed by their actions. No wonder I don't have a girlfriend; I just don't get these things :-)


The very light touch
In Cyberspace it arrives
Again I am poked.

Jeremiah did ask for a Haiku, no?

Laura Childs

Getting poked and poking back is lightweight fun in my circle, but it can turn ugly when you add the Superlatives app in FaceBook and deem your best friend's husband as the "guy most likely to poke me"!

Jeremiah Owyang

You should include a poke haiku Dave. let's meditate.

Mo Kakwan

Blogosphere and Web community folk use facebook much more differently then the average kids in school.

In school you get scoffed at if someone tries to add you and they don't know you. And poke back at school meant let's start a poke war as a means of maintaining contact. You get poked, your job is to poke back as fast as possible. This goes on until one person gives up.

I have not had a poke war with anyone in the blogosphere/geek circle yet. *laugh* Perhaps it's a difference of age and/or maturity.

jeremy liew


One of my post web 2.0 summit insights was similar - the importance of lightweight interactions (like poke) in not just social networks, but also in real life - its one of the reasons that poke+ apps have been popular, to give more context and flavor to lightweight interactions. More on this if you click my name


umm, dave, don't know how to tell you this, but your pokes are kinda weird...i think you should join my fb group:

francine hardaway

This is a kickass post. I love the care with which you have analyzed something so unbelievably trivial :-)

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