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Thursday, September 06, 2007


Mike Schinkel

Thinking you should add a 6th step: Growth.

Then is would be AARRR*G*! (get it? ;-)

Paul Lebo

How do I get intouch with Dave McClure???

Thanks, Paul L Dallas TX


Best facebook app presentation i've ever seen. Great work!


Short, Uncomplicated, Participation, Energetic, and Reinforcement: completely audience-centric presentation. I'm aarrr-ing and I wasn't even there! Bravo.

Scott Hurff

Dave -- met you at Noah's ComNext a couple months ago.

Love this presentation, and really helps visualize all the customer phases. Sent it to a few people and my friend Josh at thought it'd be great to create big huge printouts of these to track progress for a company.

Ted Rheingold

Don't be a fool. Drop anything else you are doing and watch that video now. Trust me.

Aaronontheweb (AjaxNinja)

That presentation kicks ass Dave. I'm going to see if I can direct some of my business readers over to it at some point today.

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