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Friday, September 21, 2007


dave mcclure

@fred: i'd agree about email & im; those are huge assets / sources of social graph data that Google, Yahoo, MSFT, & AOL all have access to... but haven't done much with (yet).

it's quite conceivable Google could take Gmail and mine a hell of a lot of social network data -- same for the others.

but i disagree that they are "much bigger" than FB or MySpace, since those environments ARE ALSO the main sources of email traffic for much of their demographic. (and i disagree about blogging/microblogging, more just because it's not really mainstream behavior for more than 5-10% of audience, at least currently).

however, quibbles aside... it's the FEED that really is the innovation, at least as much as Platform & Apps.

while i have no doubt that Google can build an interesting web OS platform if they want to, i'm not so sure it will be easy to implement the Google FEED equivalent, and to get people to pay attention to it.

maybe, but certainly not a sure bet.

(and so i think i did understand that was what you were saying... altho i didn't agree with everything you said).

- dave


email/im/blogging/microblogging (implicit social nets) are a much bigger source of social graph information than any explicity social net like Faceboook or myspace.

so i am not sure FB has such a huge lead.

if anyone was able to tap into my daily communitcation history (email, blogging, commenting, IMing, twittering), they'd have a much better graph than that wich exists inside Facebook, LinkedIn, or Myspace.

that was what I was trying to say in my post that you linked to.


Robert Dewey

Meh, I like to think of it as the "social OS" :)

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