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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Sean Ness

I have two tied to me, the other not. I have been trying to claim it since last Wednesday and I keep getting a bug:

uh oh...blah blah blah

This isn't a bandwidth issue anymore. Seems like a crappy software issue.

Dimitar Vesselinov

Dave, where are the RSS feeds?


hey sean: indeed, they have spent a year trying to prepare for scalability issues, however it's still pretty difficult to handle hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of new users coming to your site for the first time simultaneously. give them a few days and i'm sure they'll adjust.

as to why it keeps happening again with many different sites & services: i think that speaks to why it's so hard. if it were easy, we wouldn't see it keep happening. however, with the number of people online these days and the power of sites like TechCrunch & others to direct traffic your way, it's not easy to scale upto the equivalent of a small Google-size new user community.

anyway, no excuses they need to get their shit together to handle the increase in volume, but i think in general that's a good problem for them to have... only painful if they don't fix it in a few days. eBay, Yahoo, PayPal, Facebook, many other large sites have had to deal with outages due to the crush of users. it appears Spock will have to go thru the same learning pains, based on how many people are interested in using it.

peace out,

- dmc

Sean Ness

Why is it that when a new site finally goes is slow as hell or crashes? These guys had a year to prepare for this. Is crashing and pokiness done on purpose these days? To create buzz? Like when an empty club keeps a line outside? This is getting to be a very tired phenomena. Hey guys...write cleaner software, pony up for better database hw/sw, lease some good pipes...

I'm just a sales noob...but can someone explain to why this happens again and again and again?

Brian Walsh

Looks like their servers are already struggling to keep up...but the first couple of days are always a tough step! The widgets are pretty cool...would be interesting to track their change over time.

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