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Friday, August 31, 2007


Bob Warfield

Aw come on. Is this really news to anyone?

Hasn't everyone at least "almost" (hey, I'm not admitting anything here) clicked on one of those?

And didn't this stuff go on way before the web was even graphical?

Specifically, weren't direct mail marketers sending envelopes designed to look like telegrams, IRS notices, and anything else they could think of just to get you to open their Spam?

Nielsen may have been revolted by it all, but hey, it wasn't news 10 years ago let alone now.

Or, as my son put it in an embarassing moment when someone asked him what marketing is:

"That's where you lie to people to get them to buy your stuff!"



Jason Shen

Hey Dave,

I guess Jakob has just been trying to watch out for us poor and pathetic internet users from the big bad marketers. We should be grateful to have such a protector! (In all seriousness though, 10 years is a long time to hold off releasing info. Geez)


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