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Friday, August 03, 2007



dude: seriously.

get a real job cleaning toilets or something, and stop trying to masquerade as my fucking blog semantic spellchecker.

believe me, it pays a lot better.


"Reasonably" or "reasonable" Dave? Ahem.

dave mcclure

yeah, actually the heckler is reasonable thoughtful. after the trash-talking, i responded here.


It appears that Raj didn't even read the heckler's blog. The heckler actually makes some points. Sounds like Raj is a fanboy of a fanboy.


Dave, you have a heckler! Unfortunately he's not very clever or thoughtful, but I guess the talent pool isn't very deep in that line of work.

I'm so proud of you, one more step towards global notoriety. Personally I think this makes you B list, at least.

Robert Dewey

looks like Figaro to me... but ah, who is this Figaro character?

Be glad that someone is so interested in you that they write a novel on why they dislike you :)

Now either THEY are the tool tied to a desk worrying about McTool's next move, or they simply have no life. Either option fits this case.

Jeremiah Owyang

OMG I'm laughing so hard at this exchange.

Jeremiah pulls up a chair to watch.

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