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Monday, August 06, 2007



These past few years I've loved sharing stuff with friends on It took the place of emails (and got rid of the annoying thing where the URL would wrap and become un-clickable).

BUT, the last year Facebook has taken the place of it for my friends not on The biggest thing I missed with tagging a page is that we couldn't discuss it. On Facebook we can, with automatically threaded msgs. Pretty cool.

Jason Rubenstein

Not only that, Master William, but it's blurring the line between social network and professional network. A more concise analogy is that it's creating an overlap, or intersection, of a user's social and professional network spheres. This is HUGE, and it's happening with little commentary or conscious notice.

Master William

Facebook is invisible web 2.0 for noobs. The things we have been talking about for years are being accepted on a mainstream level without the mainstream actually realising it.

Share -
Photos + tagging - Flickr
Video + tagging - YouTube
News Feed - RSS that regular people care about
Notes - blogs
Status - presence/microblogging
Events - Upcoming
Applications - open APIs/widgets
Profile interests - folksonomy, tagging

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