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Monday, August 06, 2007



"it doesn't mean that an open, non-gated, barren fucking desert is preferable to a lush & pleasant gated community full of lots of good food, drink and all of my friends."

Ah Ah Ah! You have a deep talent for memorable quotes Dave (you should have worked in ads:-): this one is great enough to figure in an anthology of quotes from the web2.0 bubble!

... although the garden you describe evoked me the garden of Hassan-i-Sabah more anything else, which I guess was not your point:-)


Kay Luo

Loud Mouth McClure...

I think the reason you are able to mingle your social and business networks is because you are one of the few people I know who will say whatever the [expletive] is on your mind regardless of the situation. People who choose to do business with you get this and love you for it. However, the rest of us repressed folks have different professional and social personas. Conventional wisdom says you should keep these separate.


Disclosure: I used to work with Dave at Simply Hired where I tried to get him to curse less in public forums. I now work at LinkedIn.

Robert Dewey

...just avoiding your bankrupt e-mail inbox

unfortunately, i used to be one of those idiots until i started using Facebook :)

Eric Rice

There are parallels between content, too. User-generated vs. top-down. I spend large amounts of time in user-created virtual worlds, as well as top-down game worlds where users don't have a say.

One of these might be better than other, but we're debating access and lower barriers to aesthetics and quality, which might is circle-spinning as we can get. :)

Robert Dewey

my virgin eyes... too... much... swearing...

okay, not really. good points though.


Excellent points Dave, thanks for linking me up and commenting on CN - I linked you from my post too.

Your summary is dead on. Open has to be better. This might be some of the reason why OpenID hasn't taken off yet.


you're entitled to your opinion mario, and regardless i'm still a user of LinkedIn; however, i specifically DO mingle my business & social networks... because at this point in my life, they are pretty much the same thing.

i play ultimate with VCs and entrepreneurs.

i go to 2-year old birthday parties, and randomly bump into major Internet execs.

i do business with people i'm friends with because they ARE my friends. (in fact, didn't i meet you and help make an intro to LinkedIn thru our social networks? ;)

check this scenario with any historical precedent, and/or spend some time in Japan, and i think you'll find the same.

Mario Sundar

Dang, I hate the refresh button. Lost everything I was typing in here. Anyways, dude, long story short.

I've always found your posts insightful (particularly the recent ones - great stuff). However, I just wanted to share that I personally prefer keeping my social and business networks separate although there could be an overlap between the two. (Disclosure: I'm LinkedIn's community evangelist)

Let me put it this way: Those professional contacts whom I hang out with on a social basis are allowed in my social network, but otherwise, IMO, the twain shall never meet. Just my $0.02.

Mario from LinkedIn
[email protected]

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