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Saturday, July 14, 2007


John Horsley

I agree with Damon. Linkedin is not really a typical social network and I think if they try to make too many changes it will alienate the existing user base.

Creating a Linkedin brand community on facebook could be an answer I don't know.

10 months ago I started the build of a new platform called Marzar this will launch next month. Marzar has been described as a face book meets myspace for businesses and professionals.

You can visit to register places are limited to 1000 founding members for the launch in August.

mike simonsen

I have yet to get over my preconceived non-business hurdle for facebook. To be honest, I feel a little guilty when I spend time on FB. Like I shouldn't be drinking in the bar with all the college kids.

Plus I'm kinda bummed that I've got to go connect to all these people /again/. Like buying albums,tapes,cds,mp3s. I just want to rock out to my Styx record, dammit.

Interestingly though, it feels a bit inexorable. I am having the same experience as you regarding the rate of invites. And I can tell you that the platform nature of FB is already generating business networking activities that never happened on LI, because they don't exist.

Damon Billian

Adding pictures on LinkedIn might not be a great idea. Why:

1. It turns LI into a regular social network.
2. Pictures, at least from an HR standpoint, might lead to contacting people/ignoring people because of certain prejudices by the employer/recruiter.

However, I do agree with you that Facebook has thrown down a pretty strong challenge that LI needs to address. The longer they wait to get it going, the more likely it is that someone is going to come in and steal their thunder.

Like you, I know a number of the awesome folks there & only wish them the best.

Jeremiah Owyang

There's a few things to consider, check out my Facebook predictions, it impacts this market.

LinkedIn needs to move fast.

I also started a truemor for you

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