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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Peter C

I was chatting with the Hot Or Not guys (makers of HotList) and I recall they mentioned that you could do this with the API. I haven't done it myself ..yet.



As more and more of these get added on my Facebook starts feeling more and more like MySpace - hundreds of different developers adding buttons and apps that don't coincide with Facebook's over all design. Will most users care? Probably not.

Jeff Jolma

Yes, any facebook app you have added can add one of these. There might be a setting to disable this but I haven't seen it.


I think it's a good idea, if you want people to use the application might as well remind them when they're doing something that can be supplemented by your widget.

This happens in other software already.
When you insert a flash card into your computer every application that consumes jpgs (picasa, windows, adobe, flickr, etc.) wants to be the one that processes them. So when I write a message and I have widget that has messaging functionality, makes sense that the widget writer would want to remind me.

As long as there's an option somewhere to get rid of it, I say all good.


Rodney Rumford

The music bling was there about a week or so ago. I have never seen an opt out message/option. I initially thought that this might have been something that facebook did on a biz dev level and allowed specific apps these rights. Not quite sure.

I find it annoying.

Rodney Rumford

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