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Thursday, July 12, 2007



Your post keeps us optimistic in the current economy. Qoof's niche is Video Commerce and our Video Commerce widget is being used by many mainstream retailers. You can see samples of our video commerce widget here:


Facebook itself is run by sad people. They disabled my account, because, I had too many friends!!!! Facebook rules on adding friends, sucks! The ONLY reason I can see for it, is that the people at Facebook are jealous of people who might know more than a handful of people, as they are a bunch of sad geeks and never get out much.


Capt. "Wild" Bill Kelso, USAF

Tony Wright


Facebook is a utility app for most people-- they are simply going to be blind to any ad real estate. And Facebook is built upon the trust of the NETWORK (the people you know). If it's well-labeled as "sponsored", the ad (or ad that looks like a widget) will be dismissed.

Your post boils down to "these ads are going to be really really really targeted", which can be true... But you can make the same statement for ads within Gmail-- when was the last time you clicked-- or even LOOKED AT-- one of those?

Of course, you might be right... As you say, it's pretty much what Google did. Though I think Google has an easier time of it in that they are catching people while acting on their intent... Every search on is an opportunity for an advertiser, while 99% of what people do on Facebook cannot easily be mapped to immediate advertiser-friendly intent.

Mark Taormino

LMAO... It has been up solid, everyone else is logging in each day, try it again! :)


deb schultz... page cannot be found for *impressed*

James Hart

Try my site LifeConnect out and see if you like the layout. I'm always looking for good feedback.
James Hart, CEO

Mark Taormino

Facebook just seems totally lame and boring... all of them... Facebook, MySpace, Craigslist, Friendster, VIRB they still don’t have MULTIPLE PAGES and more features like my site does - like 75 song MP3 players, attaching WAVS or MP3s to PICS etc - UNLIMITED photos. You can be WAY more creative on mine. I just don’t have the capital to advertise properly. None of the other sites are REALLY INNOVATING, look at IT IS way better than the rest, it just needs serious word of mouth and unlike the other sites, I really did make it myself! :)

deb schultz

Amen brother!

Marco Hansell

Great article...i've long seen the coming of Widget Advertising as THE new model. It only makes sense...theres only but so much you can do with a traditional in NOTHING. Widgets are going to become the outlet through which a brand can push a nearly complete value proposition to consumers, and where consumers can talk back to them and tell them what they care about and DONT care about.

I'm loving it and doing my part to make sure this era hits BIG.

Fergus Burns

Amen. Great post.

Totally agree - expect to see some announcements within the next 2 weeks from a UK retailer

Talk soon


Good post.

Facebook platform will definitely help many entrepreneurs launch their applications. Start with Facebook, get a huge userbase, and then expand outward from there.

Developing for Facebook doesn't mean you have to stay on Facebook. It means you can have a rapidly growing userbase specific to Facebook, while implementing features that can be useful outside of the closed network.

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