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Friday, July 27, 2007


Damon Billian

I've just gotten the Facebook bug myself - so I have to disagree with the value issue he brings up.

That being said, some of the application issues he mentions are somewhat valid (should one spam their friends with an application)? My answer: No. My friends can already see what applications I've hadded on the update feed, so they can click on it if they want. If I add a new app, I de-select all (sorry to kill the viral mechanism). His facebook invite list was also littered with app invites, not just friend requests.


calacanis is an egomaniacal idiot. is this his pathetic attempt to put himself on par with fred wilson by alluding to his "I am declaring e-mail bankrupcy" post a couple of months ago? frankly, i care a lot more about what fred wilson has to say than calacanis' self-absorbed musings.

Robert Dewey

I'm a little disappointed that Jason also turned off comments on his blog, leaving us with the statement:

"It feels like the comments are a place for the same five wacky folks..."

That's a pretty nice way to address your readers. Maybe I should just declare feed-reader bankruptcy and hit the delete button.

Also a nice bash towards everyone who is trying to make use of the F8 platform.

To put it bluntly, I'm a little pissed.

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