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Saturday, July 28, 2007



Okay, I guess that makes sense. I went to your blog despite the off-topicness because I wanted to call you out on your elaborate ruse ;)

dave mcclure

ummm... this is a bit off topic, but:

1) Mint has ~100 people in beta now
2) they're adding more folks this month
3) yes, we know there are a *lot* more people waiting to get in

the fact of the matter is we're still working on the product, and before we scale up the beta we want to make sure everything is looking good. once it is, we'll add more people. in the meantime, we're not really seeking out much PR.

- dave


Hey Dave, speaking of viral marketing, you're such a tease and the other guys at Mint are too. I just sifted through the Googles and I can't find ANY reports of people actually being SENT an invite. So you're generating all this free PR without having to show off your product. Pssh!

E-mail I'm posting with is fake, don't send me anything, etc.

Nick O'Neill

Wow, that is seriously an unattractive picture ;)

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