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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Corinne Friesen

You used the work 'grok'. I haven't heard that word in over 20 years. I was supposed to give Heinlein an air-taxi flight at one point but it fell through. Even named my cat 'Star'. Thanks for the trip back to the future. Will comment later on topic. ;)

Robert Dewey

It just sucks how closed off these social networks are. If you want anything to do with your network, it better be within the domain of the said network.

That would be like IE displaying only the websites they want you to see... or like Firefox claiming to be "open" but still limiting you to what you can see.

I believe in something more along the lines of XFN and opt-out networks like Geni. Facebook is only good if everyone is in it. Unfortunately, MySpace isn't good no matter how you dice it.

XFN and opt-out are good because they are useful even if your friends aren't in it. By me commenting on your blog, I'm actually building a relationship with you. That's socially significant, because if I'm searching for a item, an article, or any other piece of information, you and your circle of friends are far more trusted than some anonymous node.

When you sent me that e-mail in regards to my comment a week ago, that indicates that I am a closer relation to you than someone who has never even visited your blog or chatted with you.

In a "real" social network, we'd most likely be mutually connected. Why can't Facebook or MySpace see that?

Jeremiah Owyang

I'm very mindful of my titles and tags, which puts me in the high result sets for "web strategy", "social media measurement", "customer reference media" and a bunch of other things.

I'm still a bit slow on facebook, as I think my blog can bring me more.

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