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Friday, June 01, 2007


myspace design

awesome information. Dave has some interesting ideas. The channeling crowds article is great.

jeremy liew

Facebook is really commoditizing the social map and that has ikmplications for all social media companies. I blogged some thoughts on this recently - click on my name in this comment if you're interested

Doug Strickland

Don't you think that by even attempting to establish itself as the platform for social networks that Facebook has in affect already jumped the shark? The backlash from counter-social behaviors (e.g. Diggs pay-per-digg scams) is likely to lower the signal to noise ratio to a point where a new evaluative approach is necessary. The next evolutionary cycle for how group think benefits the individual is already underway, and while the Facebook platform may indeed inspire, it will no doubt be thought of as the precursor to the next big thing. Keep in mind that at one time, portals were the end all. Metasearch like Altavista made sense of the mayhem, then came Yahoo and Google, building powerful natural language search. Now we see the rapid growth of vertical search, seeming to bring us full circle. Will the next cycle metasearch the verticals?!?

20 years ago when I wanted to find a new restaurant I asked friends and read the critics reviews. Now when I'm looking for a new restaurant I read what strangers in my community say and see who they voted for and for some reason I believe them. How has my life been made simpler, or my experience become better?

Frank Ruscica

Re: combining social networks & prediction markets, see


Damon Billian

Hi Dave,

An interesting take from both you and David. I also think a lot of the existing social networks really need to pay attention to what Facebook is doing (I am not a member of Facebook right now).

JoAnne Rockower

Hey Dave...nice article about David, his thoughts and your own. Thanks for mentioning Geni too. Come visit us when you find yourself in our area--haven't seen you for a long time.

Robert Dewey

How can people say that Facebook will likely become the "standard" when there are much bigger opportunities? There are [estimated] 1.5 billion e-mail users around the world. A company like Google could analyze incoming/outgoing messages and draw a simple relationship map... It's an opt-out social network.

Hell, even a cell phone company could do it...

I think the mistake with existing social networks is that in order to have a connection, that connection must also be an active member on the social network. Then again, that's no different than real-life - if I want to be friends with someone, they have to exist in the same universe :)

The most widely used feature on social networking sites is messaging and bulletins. A short poll indicates that people check their MySpace multiple times a day to check messages and see new bulletins. Why not base a service solely around those features, while being more like Geni? The good thing about Geni is that a person doesn't need to be at the service to be a connection, and the "adding family" aspect is just downright fun.

Facebook is the winner for now, but we'll have to see how the game is changed over the next couple of years.

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