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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Giovanni Gallucci

I also agree that the stickiness is insane, but I'm still hard pressed to believe that anyone is going to pay for the site at a price tag that equates to over $400.00 per user. Seriously, how does one pay that kind of money for a group's attention and make it pay off in the end?

Damon Billian

50% login daily? That's insane!

LinkedIn, a company I like, most certainly does have to keep an eye on these guys. If the "college" crowd uses the tool to find jobs & network for jobs on Facebook in the future, watch out.


I'm in the middle of the social network generation - all my friends are between the age of 20 and 23, so I can tell you that everyone my age in the UK is using Facebook - forget about MySpace.

In comparison to Facebook, MySpace is such a mess. 404's, illegible profiles, and dodgy widgets have all paved the way for a social network that actually enables you to communicate. And communicating with your contacts is so much easier in Facebook; so much so that my peers and I actually expect to receive event invitations through Facebook (I'd tell any event focused startup to simply forget it, invest the cash in something else, because Facebook have this covered).

Facebook will at least rival MySpace in the not so distant future, and most likely surpass it in subscriber numbers. The 'Live Feed' will be recognised for the killer feature that it is.

Steve Algieri

Those are some really amazing numbers. 120TB for Photo's! They must be thinking about buying EMC or something.

Rather than being the prey, I think these guys could start becoming the hunters.

Robert Dewey

I seen those stats, and my jaw dropped. While I'm not sure about the $8B mark, I can imagine it being one of the bigger acquisitions in the web business. YouTube went for ~$1.5B, so I could see $2-3B for Facebook.

And to think... They probably started this "business" with a hard night of coding and a six pack of RedBull (or beer, if you're really hardcore, hah).

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