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Friday, January 26, 2007



Maybe Google is far down the list since it's efficient and people are in-and-out quick. MySpace is a time black hole, many people spend hours there so that's not suprising.

Damon asks a good question. Cool site by the way. Keep it up, I'll keep reading :)

Chris Yeh

Just goes to show the value of purchase intent. Google and eBay generate orders of magnitude more revenues from their user-minutes because they capture purchase intent.

I'm shocked that Bank of America cracked the top 20. I'd really like to know why BofA is ahead of Citigroup in this area....

Damon Billian

I wonder if the Yahoo data is pulling in their acquisitions at all (Flickr,, etc.)?

I think Yahoo has some really great properties. I hope they read your post about monetization

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