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Saturday, November 04, 2006


Matt Moran

Damon - but if they said it sucks ass, at least that's passionate. Granted, if *all* your customers said it sucked ass, that would be cause for mourning, but if 80% said it was fucking cool & 20% said it sucked ass, that's be okay. That way everyone has a pasionate opinion, you get a LOT of people talking about it, religious flamewars etc, and a lot of people hitting your site wanting to try out this new thing that's got everyone so inflamed.

Damon Billian

My girlfriend just advised me that "fuck" will have someone bring you a pumpkin in Lao. Saying it twice will apparently mean a salad (larb/laab). I am not bold enough to say that to her mother, however:)

What if a customer told you that your product "sucks ass"? I don't think that makes someone a fan per se...Like all other aspects of language, I think it largely depends on the tone and context the words are used in.

At the same time, having an opinion expressed is better than having someone say something in a neutral tone;-)

Robert Dewey

That's very interesting, and something I really haven't paid attention to. My friend will usually say something like "that place is fucking awesome" or "that restaurant is tits"... Both of which mean good.

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