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Saturday, November 11, 2006



Funny, this has now become a reality -- sorta. See my comment here. ;-)

Christopher St. John

Thanks, Dave. I came to through Amit's session at BCNYC2 and decided to do a session at Bar Camp Dallas 3

Martin Wells

Top fun Dave. Thanks for running this.

Dave Sanford

You cut off the first bit about making a divorce as easy as eating a donut and drinking a cup of coffee...

thanks for posting this, and keep doing Half-Baked- loved it!

Dave McClure

awesome... just checked out the BarCamp Boulder wrapup -- see bullet #1 at bottom about their Half-Baked session, and the winning pitch for KnifeRobot.

(i also loved the descriptions for and ;)

Chris Messina

Btw, the fourth instance of Half-Baked took place at BarCampBoulder this past weekend...

Check the board.

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