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Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Mick Liubinskas

Hey, is there are a half baked web site?

Mick, Tangler.


thanks Greg! you guys were awesome, i agree -- you earned it :)

sorry we didn't get a chance to hang out and chat more... seems like you've done some interesting work.

hope to get to know you better at a future event sometime,

- dave

Greg Sadetsky


I loved the session, thanks for the opportunity.

As CTO and 2-minute-web-site-generator of, I would appreciate it if you could mention me next to my colleagues Herron and Dornfest (we were a team of three).

The website design was snatched from, the logo from Google Images; the picture got Photoshop'ed, the html page was edited in BBEdit, and a complete archive was sent over to Rael's Mac using iChat. He registered the domain, changed the text content, and uploaded by FTP.

We deserved that extra credit ;-)


Greg Sadetsky

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