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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Dave McClure

you're entitled to your opinion of course, however proceeds from the Visionary Awards (from attendees & sponsors) do generate a notable portion of the SDForum annual budget.

and while not everyone there is an SDForum regular, i'd say most of them have some familiarity with the organization... or if they don't, then we hope they leave with greater awareness after.

you do raise a point worth discussion tho -- it might be a good idea to open up the event further to all SDF members willing to pay the ticket price. however, there's also no guarantee we'd get the same group of geek rockstars if we expanded to a larger event.

'open sourcing' it might make for a more inclusive event, but i have a feeling it would be a different kind of celebration.

still, i hear your point.

Anonymous Troll

Dave - Not to complain, but the Visionary Awards are an elitist event. The VAST majority of attendees have nothing to do with SDF (was Tim Draper there *again*?)
This event needs to get real and be open to the public, not closed off to actual members of SDF

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