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Thursday, May 11, 2006



Good read, Thanks!

Steven Burda, MBA

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Francis Scully

the link cut off, here's a working copy: linkedin & monster comparison

Francis Scully

Wow, that's a pretty crazy jump! I did some comparisons and actually found that linkedin is right up there with Monster now, fluctuating in sync almost, just below the line:

But at the same time, as with the nature of those who have the spyware-like toolbar from Alexa may indicate that just those particular people with the toolbar are looking at monster & linkedin, and that may be why the fluctuations are now in sync.

Dave McClure

um, i think the last 2 commenters are missing the point. by using SSL when it's not needed, it makes it much harder for all of the search engine crawlers to find & index data on your website.

removing use of SSL from unnecessary pages on the site will both speed up page load / usability, as well as help enable relevant info to be indexed by Google, Yahoo, MSN, others.

while i agree the move is 'smart', it's probably not being done to jigger alexa numbers, and i also doubt it increases any security risks. it simply makes the site and relevant pages easier for users to find from other search engines... in other words, it's an SEO best practice for most sites to follow, not just LinkedIn.

- dmc


Smart move on there part.
I'm sure some investors value those alexa numbers fairly high.
It's scary the amount of data alexa sends back home.. So, no alexa spyware for me !


Lee Wilkins


Here is the reason for the jump


okay, i thought they made that change awhile back, but that would explain things.

perhaps the change just recently registered with alexa, as nelson noted on the flickr pic.

thanks for the tip jb.


I saw a post the other day that they dropped SSL for all but their critical pages so that those page views would be registered on Alexa.



Maybe Alexa "merged" their numbers with their numbers. I read something about how when they get around to merging domains they don't always backtrack well...


hey Dave, I noticed that yesterday as well, that is some pretty impressive traffic compared to what they did all of last year.

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