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Friday, January 20, 2006



I live in Washington, DC and became friends with Jad back in the early '90's. When he would come into town we would have the most marvelous dinners, walks and conversations about so many things but most of all he would go on so excitedly about what was about to happen with the internet. He logged me on to the internet for the first time, back when it took about 10 minutes to dial up and I was baffled by it all. Truly, I only could follow about 2/3 of what he told me was going to happen when the internet took off... and he was so right about all of it! Eventually we lost touch. Today I was watching a documentary on the birth of the internet and I thought of my old friend Jad, so I looked him up and found out that he died in 2006. I can't tell you how sorry I am and what a loss his passing is... even for someone like me who hadn't spoken to him in almost a decade. I will never forget him. He was so full of life, humor and passion. His active mind and endless enthusiasm was so completely inspiring. As an old random friend of Jad's (and I know he had so many) I just wanted to post this to say that he is missed.


I grew up two houses down from Jad in Colorado. Even as a bright eyed kid he was a entrepreneur at heart. He recruited myself and another neighborhood kid - Scotty. We were to sell housecleaning to the neighbors at a reduced price. I couldn't keep my own room clean! He was a gifted individual who made you feel you could do anything. I lost touch with him in later years, and was pleased to find he became successful with his first startup. I always knew there was something about him!

I found his writings on the internet sometime in 2001 after googling his sister (whom I had a crush on so many years ago).

I am saddened by his passing even now. The world lost a special person.

Robert Read

I was first introduced to Jad through his Lies Damned Lies emails in 2001. He was writing then about abandoning the DotCom life and moving away to NY to become a writer. I think that year we both lost a family member at nearly the same time, and we exchanged a few emails about that. I enjoyed reading his posts (especially about being a writer busker), but eventually lost touch with his various projects over the years and didn't even know he'd moved to China. So I've only now learned he's gone. I've just gone back and read all of his writing from China, and it's wonderful/sad to see how a great a writer he had become. I would have loved to read more.


Takako Nagumo

I knew Jad through the UCLA Shakespeare Reading and Performance Group. I belatedly learned of his passing today. I am still in a bit of a shock. We exchanged emails a couple years ago, when I spotted his name somewhere and remembered him. I didn't know him very well, but he was friendly and creative. It is very sad that his life was so brief.


Thank you Dave for what you have done for Jad.
I am Jad's good friend in Shenyang. For some reason,likes Yangshu said we lost connecting. But I never forgot him wathching for his blog updated and had been waitting for his reply as he promised me on March.8th 2006. I am terribly sad such an information about him that I had searched on google.But I even missed the chance to see him at the last sight.
Jad is a wonderful guy like we all know. I must say thanks God for making me meet him ever in my life who brought me courgement and many fresh ideas and share the time happy and relaxed and exchange our thought.
After 13 months of my dear dad's passing, Jad, my dear friend passed away. Both left me so sudden, with almost the same reason and still alive in my mind.
Jad had been loved his family and friends and now I supposed he was smiling us all in the heaven.


i just heard the bad news yesterday. i can not believe it 'cause jad is a poet with a lot of creative idea, maybe it is his trick. i hope it is a trick.

i m jad's friend in shenyang, china. we got along by music. at that time, he played drum and i played flute. we tried to play togather in subway near marriot in shenyang. we dream of being buskers in the future. that is a short time with most joy.

suddenly, one day, jad told me on msn that he do not want to meet me untill he can speak chinese well. then we lost connection a long time, till now......

Dina Di Maio

I am so saddened to hear this news. I met TJ in NYC in 2002. What an intelligent, interesting person he was. I published his article on the first edition of my webzine a few years ago. My thoughts and prayers are with his family.

Fen Labalme

I just heard about this - I'm very sorry to hear of Jad's passing.

I may be partly responsible for dragging Jad out to San Francisco in 1999, as I needed his help in a company I had co-founded. Jad helped me write a seminal paper on "infomediaries," putting eloquent words to ideas that I had been unable to express for many years. For that, I will always be grateful.

I must admit, though, that what surprises me is the cause of his death, as he lived so close to the edge that it seemed he might fall off at any time. For that, he will always have my respect.

May you find all that you were searching for, now that the edge has been crossed. You touched my life profoundly, and for that, I thank you.

Bassil Duwaik

Thank you for writing about my brother. I didn't know he had so many friends till I just typed in his name on google to see what I could find/reminisce about him. Jad is/was my older brother and mentor. I'm at a loss for words when I think of what had happened to him. Thanks again

Kevin Burton

Hey Dave.

Thanks for the writeup.

I knew Jad when we worked together at a not-to-be named startup around 2000. I was a lot younger and too optimistic and Jad saved me a lot of time by being a straight shooter .

Jad was always amazingly optimistic. When he wrote up his piece about 911 and his planned trip to the middle east I was amazed by his courage.

One of the things that struck me about Jad was his sense of ethics. In the valley there are plenty of people willing to do whatever it takes for a quick buck but Brad always seemed to think of the most ethical way.

You'll be missed Jad.



Thank you for your tribute to Jad.
Although I wasn't fortunate to know him as well as the others here, I was one of the people who saw him before he died, yet one of the last to know of his death.
I hope that someone will compile all his stories and blogs to publish, especially his deep perspective of his experiences in China.
His coworkers respected him and his students will always remember him.

Auren Hoffman

this is really upsetting. Jad was a terrific guy and someone who i immensely enjoyed. he had real, thoughtful reflections and he was a pleasure to talk to. i fondly remember all my interactions with Jad.

when someone you know passes away, it is always saddening. but when it is someone as young and vibrant as Jad, it really makes you think.


Oh Dave, I hadn't heard about this until I saw Jad's familiar pic on your flickr page - last I heard from him was last year, when he was in China. To hear of this sudden departure of such a beautiful and creative soul from this world is just. . stunning. I will light a candle and say a little prayer for him tonight. Thank you for sharing this.

Bob Wilson

Beautiful tribute Dave!

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