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Saturday, January 14, 2006



Bloody good sappy introspection!


Nice post brother.

Chris Yeh

'Tis the season for getting philosophical it seems. Reading your post reminded me of my own "meaning of life" post (

I think that part of the paradox of life is that we're most able to achieve what we dream of when we accept that we might not be able to achieve it.

I wouldn't be surprised if your new perspective helped you accomplish your goals in the next decade. Old man.

Bob Wilson

Great post Dave!

Seems clear that your "game" is getting better with age. May you look back with satisfaction in another 10 years, as you near 50, with the contributions you've made to make the world a better place.

Best wishes!

Bob :-)

ben casnocha

Great thoughts Dave, and I'm sure many people go through this process when they turn 40....I'm 17 now and pondering those issues, so maybe I should stop looking my own shoulder and deal with it when I'm 40!!

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